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‘They are rolling the barrels in Zurowa’ – back in the day they used to say when the thrunderstorm was coming. Today Zurowa is the first village on Polish map with such a long standing tradition of coopery and wooden handcraft. First mention of this tradition in Zurowa dates back to such an early as XVI century. Out of products this area is famous for we can name a few such as: water barrels, buckets, barrels for storing cabbage or fish, watering cans, spoons. Almost in every family in the village there is at least one person (and quite often there are whole families) working in production of local wooden handcraft. This area and tradition is where F.H.P.U Teofil comes from and is based on long tradition passed from generation to generation.

Our company was founded in 1996. During 20 years of activity our brand became well known not only in Zurowa and the area but also in the other parts of Poland.

Experience, reputation and craftsmanship of our company appreciates more and more customers hence you will see our products not only in private households but also in the restaurants, schools and businesses which value unique, elegant design and eco – friendly products.

In the wide range of the products which we offer you can find wooden toys, coopery goods, household articles, decorative and many more other wooden articles. With eco-awareness in the society raising our products are becoming more and more popular which allows us to grow and offer wider and wider range of products suited even to most sophisticated trends and customer needs.


About the Company

Our company has a long standing local tradition coming from Zurowa coopery and wooden goods makers

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We are the producer & supplier of wooden goods essential in every household.

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